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Monday, May 20, 2013

We need you!

Join our networks and spread the word socially 

Spread the Word 
  • Post information about moveDC on your website 
  • Direct people to our website 
  • Post moveDC event dates on your organization’s calendar 
  • Send an email to your listserv/mailing list encouraging participation 
  • Include information about moveDC in your publications Include our press releases in your RSS Feed 
  • Write a blog post about moveDC 
  • Post flyers in your facilities or send through email 
  • Distribute materials, handbills, or brochures to clients that promote move
  • DC Make tent cards to promote moveDC survey links and provide to constituents 
  • Notify your organization's leadership about this this effort personally 

Encourage Participation 

  • Bring 10 people to a moveDC community workshop 
  • Organize transportation for your group
    • Carpool/vanpool/share a cab 
    • Ride public transportation as a group 
    • Bike 
    • Walk 
  • Offer community service hours for attending moveDC events (if applicable) 
  • Host a “moveDC Webinar Watch Party”.  Register to join our webinars and invite people to watch with you