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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What can moveDC do for you?

As if we haven’t gotten enough information from you, we want more!  We are in the process of finalizing the moveDC plan.  Throughout the document we want to incorporate people-specific questions about moveDC with short answers. This is where we need YOU. We need your questions about what can moveDC do for you. 

For example:

I’ve lived in DC my whole life. I grew up and went to school here, I work here, shop here and my family is here. How does moveDC help me stay here?

I deliver fresh foods to stores and restaurants all over the District every day. I have to double-park and circle looking for parking. I get stuck in traffic constantly. What’s in moveDC for me?

I ride a bike for everyday trips and to stay in shape. The city has made a lot of progress in the last few years to make it easier and safer to bike. How does moveDC retain that momentum?

To be featured in the final plan document, send us your questions via TwitterFacebook, Email, or comment on this blog post.  If your question is selected, you’ll be identified by either your twitter handle or first name and initial for your last name.

Thank you for your involvement in the moveDC Transportation Plan. Whether you attended one of our public workshops, served on the Transportation Plan Advisory Committee, participated in online surveys or provided feedback via the website, we appreciate your voice in this process.
moveDC is your plan!