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Monday, February 18, 2013

How do you move? The Votes are in...

Thank you for taking our first poll on the website. More than 600 of you, 622 to be exact, responded to the poll. The results certainly are interesting, even though they were never intended to be statistically significant.
How You Move Today
We asked you how you get to work or school today. You could select more than one method of getting between home and school or work.
What You Told Us
A lot of you use bicycles, buses, Metrorail, and your own two feet to get from home to work or school. Comparatively fewer of you drive to get to school and work. Nearly half of you get to school or work using two or more modes of transportation.
How You Want to Move in the Future
We also asked how you would like to get to work or school in the future. Again, you could choose more than one way you want to get there.
What You Told Us
Compared to today, more of you would like to take the bus, Metrorail, or walk to get to work or school. Again, compared today, a whole lot more of you would like to use streetcar (yeah, okay, any increase is a whole lot if you are starting at 0), bicycle, and telework. From our results, more than 70 percent of you would like to do something other than drive. That’s great news for the SustainableDC plan’s 75 percent non-auto trip share goal.
Thoughts on Pedestrians
 A few quick observations on people who said they walk for all or a portion of their trip:
  • 53% percent of pedestrians also ride Metrorail and 34% also ride the bus
  • Today, 15% of people who walk, make their entire trip walking
  • In the future, only 5% would like to exclusively walk
Today’s walkers are very interested in other ways to travel to work or school in the future:
  • 83% want to bike (higher than poll average)
  • 73% want to ride Metrorail (higher than poll average)
  • 63% want to take the bus (higher than poll average)
  • 59% want to take streetcar (higher than poll average)
  • 38% want to telework (higher than poll average)
What Does All of This Mean?
As we said to begin this commentary, this is not a statistically significant survey. We received 622 responses—approximately 0.1% of DC’s population. Setting all of this aside, there's some very interesting food for thought in the responses:
Choices appear to be important
  • You are travelling to work or school in a lot of ways now
  • You want more choices in the future
Driving may be less important. More data would be helpful, but working with what we have…
  • Some people drive today and will drive in the future
  • Driving was the only travel mode that saw a decreasing share in the future
Come on streetcar!
  • Nearly half of you want to take streetcar to work or school in the future
Multimodal connections should be coordinated and convenient
  • More of you want to use several modes of transportation to get from home to work or school in the future
What do you think?
Send us comments.
Want more?
Are you interested in other statistics? Do you want to see the data? It’s posted at If you have any interesting takeaways or infographics, please send them our way!

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