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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Conversation Continues

During the past year, the District Department of Transportation and the people who know the most about DC’s transportation challenges – its daily users – have engaged like never before. Through public workshops, webinars, the Idea Exchange, online polls, online surveys, blogs, emails, advisory committee meetings…and telephone surveys, you’ve provided invaluable insight into the future of transportation in the District.

Thank you.
Please join us once again for a fun interactive survey for moveDC hosted by our planning partner MetroQuest. MetroQuest is an innovative online engagement tool. This survey is like nothing you’ve done before. It is visual, fun, and interactive. We’re asking you about your priorities for the future and what you think of three different approaches to a future transportation system in DC. We’re showing you how they perform, as compared to one another and individually.

moveDC’s MetroQuest survey is live. Visit to launch the survey.

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  1. Greetings! My issue is with the signs that are posted on the bus stops in my neighborhood.East Capital & Division Avenue Streets. NE & SE. Metro wants to combine bus stops and eliminate others to make service run smoothly. I believe it is a terrible idea. How could service run more smoothly when some drivers do not even show up as of the present time. What about the seniors, disabled riders & riders in general. Oh! I forgot do they really care? Metro should re-think the horrible idea!!!!!!!!