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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Putting moveDC into Action

Here we are, at the end of what has been an exciting 18-month long planning process, ready to present to you the final moveDC plan. You can find the entire plan at 

The moveDC plan sets a transportation course in the District for the next twenty-five years. It details a vision and a set of implementable investments and policies to build a system that meets the needs of residents, commuters and visitors in a world class city by creating a sustainable, safe, and efficient transportation network.

While the process to develop the overall moveDC plan has concluded, we now move into the next phase of moveDC: implementation. DDOT has developed a 2-year Action Plan outlining 36 projects that DDOT and other District agencies will advance to realize the moveDC plan. The list of these actions is not exhaustive—DDOT and other agencies will continue day-to-day activities that also contribute to moveDC. DDOT also will report on the Action Plan through quarterly and annual updates.

DDOT is committed to continuing the dialogue with the public and stakeholders as we move forward with moveDC. Before we sign off for the moveDC plan development effort, we would like to take a minute to thank those who made this process and plan possible.

DDOT would like to thank the thousands of people who participated in the planning process—in meetings and workshops, through social media, surveys, webinars, emails, and countless conversations. Your suggestions, critical thinking, comments, and ideas contributed significantly to the moveDC plan, and to improving the future of transportation in the District of Columbia.

Thank you to the members of the following moveDC committees, for your guidance, input and discussions throughout the planning process.

·        moveDC Transportation Plan Advisory Committee (TPAC)

·        moveDC Agency Advisory Committee (AAC)

·        moveDC Core Technical Committee (CTC)

DDOT would also like to thank former Director Terry Bellamy for initiating the moveDC process and encouraging a forward-looking and inclusive planning process.

DDOT would also like to thank the consultant team that assisted the agency in the preparation of the moveDC plan. Led by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., the team also included Nelson\Nygaard; Cordell & Crumley; Nspiregreen; Sabra, Wang & Associates; Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning; Southeastern Institute of Research; Nexus Infrastructure; and HR&A Advisors.

DDOT is dedicated to achieving the moveDC vision, in partnership with the community and on a project by project basis to build a better future for the District that we and the next generations of Washingtonians can truly enjoy.

We hope that you will continue to be a part of the investment in Our Transportation Future for years to come.


Your District Department of Transportation

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